ColdSnapp® welcomes you to the future of Performance Enhancing (PE) fabric. ColdSnapp® is a “smart?textile which simultaneously utilizes the following technologies: thermoregulation, moisture wicking, and most importantly moisture transport; to get cool instantly and stay cool as long as it remains moist.

What is ColdSnapp®?

ColdSnapp® becomes and stays cool simply when saturated with water and activated by snapping in the air. ColdSnapp® rapidly cools down and remains cool as long as it is moist. This unique fabric is available in most any shape or size and can be decorated for custom tailoring to any industry. ColdSnapp® is additive free, reusable, and requires no refrigeration.

ColdSnapp’s® COMFORT COOLING TECHNOLOGY contains multiple yarn/fiber types which together produce a fabric that has high water retention, absorption, and wicking properties. At the same time, the fabric remains dry to the touch with out using any gel, chemicals, or polymers. This fabric has the ability to be revitalized with a quick snap in the air, thus reactivating movement of the water molecules for instantaneous re-cooling performance. ColdSnapp® can be used in multiple applications where instant cooling is required and conventional cooling devices are not readily available.

Cold Snapp® is available in many shapes and sizes, and can be customized to meet individual, and industry needs. The following is a list of available sizes and come either blank or fully sublimated.

    • 3 x 40 Head Wrap
    • 12 x 18 Small Pocket Towel
    • 10 x 36 Sports Towel
    • 15 x 25 Golf Towel w/or w/o Grommet
    • 8 x 44 Long Sports Towel or Wrap
    • 15 x 25 Triangle Bandanna
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